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Video Magno Garcia – Diggin’ In The Crates of The Soul (Prod. by 14KT)

Can’t Get Enough of Magno Garcia

I must apologize/
I came in the game at a young age, to reign it was prophesized/
Told my parents I’d be the child to harmonize/
God into my music, state of mind is prioritize/
Saw a dreamer who grew into a believer/
Wanted something deeper, spending time with the teacher/
Felt the connection to the soul from the speakers/
Hesitated on tough times, but lost the features/
Mad for sinning all these times in the present tense/
Cus of the knowledge that I hold and who I represent/
A Child of Christ who stumbles with his bad habbits/
Trying to preach to the rest, but living life tragic/
Uh, build on it and stay strong/
Pray for wisdom to beat demons and stay calm/
This society fills people with hate for em/
A minority, still repping for Trayvon/
Reading passages of evil times imagining/
The present life we averaging, the murders of the savages/
Buncha greed being filtered where the cabbage is/
Green bringing blues to people who keep on scavenging/
For the right time and place to ask the Lord blessings/
My heart cries for those of us who don’t uphold leverage/
Friends died from selling dope in the cold’s presence/
And they looked up to me to find response to old questions/
So even if I’m weak, I stay strong to build them up/
They want my leadership, Holy Spirit just fill them up/
Sometimes I’m thinking of stopping I know I can’t give up/
I’m the example that’s reaching them thru my open cuts/
God forgive me, Lord yeah I’m sorry/
I aint representing you truly you need to scold me/
Time for me to switch up the plot to finish the story/
Go swim in the depth of the waters and give you glory/

Magno Garcia - Diggin' In The Crates of The Soul (Prod. by 14KT)

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