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Video Magno Garcia – Raise The Fight (Prod. by 14KT)


Turn The World Off & Turn on The Music


Lost scriptures, big tales of cultures dying/
The demons multiplying, we coming to face with iron/
We lost the battles with the restless and old souls/
Moms waiting patiently for sons to just call home/
Couldn’t come to grip with the fact that we’re not here/
Light was for the cause that diminished the thought fear/
Waking up in sweats and we lost peers/
Feel a revolution will soon come so a few of us tossed chairs/
We raise the power of voices defeating commissaries/
Receive the honor of Moses, we have a job to carry/
Extend the hand, few of them start protesting you/
Claim to be the answer but most of us start to question you/
That’s why with God, we spill out our deepest sentiments/
Old souls with young age, push the Button of Benjamin/
Gifted with the power of reason, speech, and the sentences/
A war’s going on outside, we’ve reached the end of it/
All my people come on/
They trynna kill us slowly until we all gone/
Only way escape the fakes is through the Christ/
Now we strike til we get that right, let’s raise the fight…

Turn Up the Lights  !

Turn Up the Lights !

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