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Video Magno Garcia – One For The Money (Prod. by Weapon F)

A Salvadoran to another; Salutes to Magno Garcia for dropping his 1st new single off “The Golden Years”; &
Happy Birthday by the way 2/4/13 !!!

[Via Soundcloud]

[1st Single off “The Golden Years”]


I woke up with no dreams just nightmares/
The streets got cold and my foes won’t fight fair/
Enemies trying catch me through the night air/
But won’t fall victim to the Chelsea city life here/

Verse 1:

See I was raised with a vision of a poet/
My content became potent from the teachings of the chosen/
That’s Jesus, I’m jotting down the pieces of an orphan/
Adapted a street life style, a genius with devotion/
I’m quoting, provoking the intentions of the omen/
Obedient dedication gives salvation as the token/
And I aint never written out a lie/
Cus I respect my listeners, my music’s meant for much more than a vibe/
I abide, the rules that were given past the ride/
A slick ruler, but I aint never gonna patch my eye/
I’m a hand shake my enemy, defeat ’em with the light/
Taking flight, the remedy’s receiving what is right/
I’m a fight, I’m taking up the burden of my people/
That’s latinos, and everyone that follows up the teacher/
Now ask yourself what really makes you rich/
Cus Jesus said come follow me and in return he’ll teach you how to fish/

Verse 2:

What up kid, I’m glad to see you’ve changed quite a bit/
An educated man, I’m glad you never did a bid/
I’m glad your lifestyle matured through the struggle and the blurry vision/
I see the Christ has been your supervision/
I never thought I’d see you happy and you beat the alcohol addiction/
And now you speaking out the gospel with a strong conviction/
I remember your heart, was torn apart/
By relationships that never existed to even start/
And by far now you’re doing your part to fix your flaws/
Every day you learn a lesson that’s sharp, respect your art/
I now feel your mood is tune with concentration/
Alignment of constellations arriving for confirmation/
On the real, you faced up a lot to quit this field/
The demons couldn’t shake up the joy or make the steal/
So never try to tell me what you think you can’t accomplish/
Cus one day you’ll be looking back and find yourself astonished/

Magno Garcia- One For The Money (Prod. by Weapon F)

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