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Video School Daze ft. Brionne Wright (Prod. by Zach Capner)

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For years, Charmingly Ghetto has been further extending his collaborative efforts when it comes to his music. Recently, C.G. has begun to experiment with a new direction, one that is encouraging him to develop creatively outside of the “rap” genre norm.

His latest collaboration features Charmingly Ghetto and Brionne Wright (jazz vocalist) sharing writing duties, alongside a smooth jazz backdrop complete with production and live instrumentation created by Zach Capner and four other talented Berklee students.

Vocals: Brionne Wright
Piano: Deshawn Alexander
Saxophone: Brian Johnston
Guitar: Nick Cabrera
Bass: Ronnie Lanzilotta

Produced & Arranged by: Zach Capner (@zcapner)

School Daze will appear on a collaborative album between Charmingly Ghetto and Zach Capner, releasing later this year. The album title has yet to be announced.





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