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Video EvillDewer – Soul De Rey 3 [ El Mundo De Rey ]

Soul De Rey III [El Mundo Del Rey]Scope Music Artist

An Artist Presentation by EvillDewer or by Twitter standards ( 2 L’s ) called ” Soul De Rey 3 [ El Mundo De Rey] ”  Beats/Instrumentals/Music/ Psych rock, New Age, Prog Rock, Funk, Avant-Garde, Ambient, Acid Folk and many more equals ART

“El Mundo Del Rey” The third installment to the Soul De Rey Instrumental series produced in its entirety by Evilldewer. 


“A Rumble In The Far East” | “Soul De Rey | He Llegado” | “LIGHTBODIES” | “The Vibe” = “Singles”


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Released 18 December 2013

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