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Video D’Wreckin Crew (D.W.C) – ‘Immaculate Conception Ep’

D'Wreckin' Crew (D.W.C)

Beanz The Grand Maul , Tech MIc aka J-Ones

Reminder ‘Immaculate Conception Ep’ Dropped 4/1/11

Yes! It has been about 3yrs, In April; however I gotta say

D’Wreckin’ Crew (D.W.C)

#TimeDoesntSTOP as ya’ll know. It’s very Interesting that ”WE” didn’t POST
‘Immaculate Conception Ep’ Sooner!
#LatebutNever2Early and w/ A *Bonus Track !

Speechless (prod. Floyd the Locsmif)

*Bonus Track by; D.W.C

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