Late Pass: The Best Boston Hip-Hop Albums of 2013


Back by popular demand, the B’s and 3’s top 25 Boston Hip-Hop Albums of 2013. Originally we were gonna leave this to good folks like HITP who have been grinding to covering the scene over the last year. Plus comprehensive lists are so much work and so hard to do. But, the people have spoken, and we have delivered and even if its two months late, here is the B’s and 3’s list of the top 25 Boston Hip-Hop Albums of 2013. If you really give a f*ck these projects and artists STILL need your support.

Like last year, our top 25 Boston Hip-Hop Albums of 2013 List was based on a few main criteria To even make it to the list, you had to be a Boston (NOT Cambridge, NOT Lawrence, NOT Brockton etc.) artist – even though there is incredible talent from the Metro-Boston region and New England in general. But this is not that list.

We tried to consider several factors in terms of what made our “best” albums. The artists had to be local and have some sort of presence on the scene but we still left space for new blood. It all came down to the overall quality of the project, musicianship and lyricism. Lists and rankings like this are totally subjective and we know this list would be different for everyone who tried to make one, so we hope that people who disagree with us will, rather than get all bent out of shape over who ended up where, instead take the time to check out a different slice of the scene than you may already be acquainted with. If you still really think our list sucks, please leave a comment, make your own list, send us a link and keep the conversation going.

After spending days months listening to the Hip-Hop that came out of Boston in 2013, we have a new appreciation for the diverse array of talent this city has to offer and hope that as a scene we can come together and show more support for the kind of music and artists we want to represent the Bean.

So lets get down to it:

#25 Sean Hines – Nothing Came Easy


Featuring Masspike Miles. Production by The Bury Boyz, Bizzness Boi and Maggbeatz.

Stream / Buy

#24 DomOfTheYear – Thrills


Representing the Good Karma family, DomOfTheYear’s first solo effort Thrills.

Stream / Download

#23 Tech Mic – M.U.S.I.C. (Making U See I Care)

Tech Mic - M.U.S.I.C. (Making U See I Care)

Official debut mixtape by Roxbury native Tech Mic.

Stream / Download

#22 Edo G – Intelligence & Ignorance

Edo.G - Intelligence and Ignorance

Tenth studio album from Boston Legend Edo. G.

Stream / Buy

#21 GiO Dee – Fashionably Late


GiO Dee ‘Fashionably Late EP’ feturing Reese (of Two9), Cam Meekins, Reem, Nick Gray, and Frizz. Production by David Greene, Andre, Nowah Beatz, Chanslin, and Tah.

Stream / Download

#20 Natural – Ways to Go


Featuring April Stanford, Charmingly Ghetto, Dutch ReBelle, J The S and Incredible Chuck. Production by eone, Fakts Uno, Grime, Latrell James, Mark Merren, Mr. Light Up, Raw B, Stay Puft and Teddy Roxpin.

Stream / Download

#19 M30 – Perfect Timing

M30 - Perfect Timing (Front Page)

M30 (E Lowkey, Vinny Black, Audi, Maze & Smitty) Debut Mixtape ‘Perfect Timing’ Hosted by DJ Hustle Simmons.

Stream / Download

#18 Ms. Jack – Jack’d Audio

ms jack

Ms. Jack repping Roxbury / Dorchester / Mattapan new project ‘Jack’d Audio’.

Stream / Download

#17 Pilot Nation – Expensive Heat


The debut compilation project from Pilot Nation – a Boston-based hip-hop collective comprised of Jeff Replay, Stizzy and Nick Gray.

Stream / Download

#16 Famous Nobodies – Nobodies Nation

nobodies nation

The Famous Nobodies aka Real P, Dutch Rebelle and Chris Brook with appearances by Natural, RasBeans, Caliph, Amandi, & More.

Stream / Download

#15 OFATS – Before Passion is Revolution


OFATS debut full length album ‘Before Passion is Revolution’ produced by Naysayers. Features E-Telligent, Ma Barb and Chuck from Notoriety

Stream / Download

#14 Fran-P – Mutation

fran p - mutation

Fran-P flips The Arcitype’s one-day beat-tape ‘Evolution’.

Stream / Download

#13 Mr. Fritz – Bragging Rights


Mr. Fritz’s ‘Bragging Rights’ features Dutch Rebelle, Latrell James, Top Billion, Galaxy, E.G.O., Matthew Rosewood, Arianna Lashea, M. Card, and Ora Slick. Production Fritz himself, Johnny Juliano, 5 Star Generals, Duce P, Taz Taylor, GarudasHellMuzik, WarBeats, and Hucktana Belvidere.

Stream / Download

#12 Primo Profit – BoomTrap

Primo Profit - BoomTrap

Money Mobb’s Primo Profit ‘Boom Trap’ mixtape was a mix of boom-bap and trap beats with all raw lyricism.

Stream / Download

#11 Moe Pope & Rain – Let The Right Ones In

Moe Pope + Rain Let the Right Ones in

Featuring Blacastan; Boycott Blues; Casso; Ceschi; Christopher Talken; Dua Boakye (of Bad Rabbits); Jake Mehrmann (of Tan Vampires); John Robinson (aka Lil Sci of Scienz Of Life); Julia Easterlin; Lady Lamb The Beekeeper; Rain; Reks and Tea Leigh. Production by Headnodic; Rain and The Arcitype.

Stream / Download

#10 Avenue – Summer Of 91

avenue summer of 91 ep

Avenue’s 5 Track EP ‘1Summer Of 91’.

Stream / Download

#9 Charmingly Ghetto – Of the Meaning of Progress


Charmingly Ghetto – ‘Of the Meaning of Progress’ Chaundon, Koncept, Katrina Renee, REKS, Murph Watkins and Omar Aura

Stream / Download

CG also dropped a dope EP ‘Kickz-N-Starez‘ at the beginning of the year.

#8 Wazir Gray – Balancing Act 2

Balancing Act 2 by Wazir Gray

Wazir Gray – ‘Balancing Act 2’ featuring April Stanford, Keef, A.Zero, Shafia Gray, Azeezah, Bakari J.B., Gabriel and Alan Watts.

Stream / Download

#7 Bakari J.B. – Fear and Desire

Fear and Desire

Bakari J.B.’s debut album ‘Fear and Desire’ Featuring A Zero, Wazir Grey, C.B., April Stanford, Masshon, C.L. Clay, David Jordan Jr., C Roc Smooth, Tech Mic, Catch Wreck.

Stream / Download

#6 Muna – Judah


19 year old Muna’s new mixtape “Judah” with features from Brian Odiana & D-Blockz.

Stream / Download

#5 PAuSE – End of Story

End of Story (front cover)

Pause’s 3rd studio album ‘End of Story’.

Stream / Download

#4 Caliph – Heart In Mind


Features Doc Lek, DomOfTheYear and Mike Wyche. Production by Caliph himself, AyyDot, James Rogers, Mic. V, Haasan Barclay, EmilieXclusive and Dice Da Geniuz.

Stream / Download

#3 SPNDA x EvillDewer – The Jeffrey

The Jeffrey

SPNDA and EvillDewer’s Collaborative EP ‘The Jeffrey’.

Stream / Download

#2 Overtime Often – Oven Door

OvenDoor ( Front Side ) - OverTime Often

Prime Suspect Musik’s O.T.O’s album ‘Oven Door’.

Stream / Download

#1 Iyadonna – Melnea Cass Project

Melnea Cass Project

The ‘Melnea Cass Project’ by Iyadonna featuring Reggie Hills, S.L.A.P. J & Bernard, Cassius the 5th, REKS, Lucky Dice, Edo G and Singapore Kane.

Stream / Download

Beat Tapes

Producers in the area were busy too this year putting out a number of dope pure instrumental projects in addition to their work with MCs. EvillDewer dropped Soul De Rey 3 – the third installment of his solo instrumental albums. HiFadality released the Gateway EP and the Traveler. Teddy Ruck Spin offered The Sleepy Beats Collection and Live from the Bear Den #2.

Other Views

As we mentioned earlier, this list is different for everyone. Here’s how Hard in the Paint saw the last year.

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