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Video Caliph – Break The Internet [Official Video]

Powerful. Boston Represent:


“Break The Internet”
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Caliph | @CaliphGK

Directed by JMP VISUALS | @ualreadyknowJMP
Produced by AyyDot | @ProdByAyyDot
Mixed by Sparemonkey Studio | @SMonkeyStudio


Break The Internet Lyrics

Note to Cole tell that nigga I’m comin
I been had that ambition since 100 miles and runnin
Shout out to Wale but tell that nigga its nothin
see Kendrick gave you all control but Liph here to disrupt it
Top startin 5 alive I run the point all game
My power forward is Nas i leave the center to Jay
Need a small forward let the 3 stack on Dre (Andre)
To set picks for my shooter then I dish it to Yay
And to the four that I just mentioned I ain’t here the stroke your Ego
Ya’ll Jordan I’m Kobe breaking your record with a free throw
And of course you gon’ get different reviews from the chicks
But Drake’s coming off the bench with all his views from the 6(th)
Man of the year tell Q I’m the shit
I’m the man of the year matter fact it’s a decade
I’m still an immigrant so nigga shout out to my essays
It’s funny they bumpin Liph when they need to write their essays
And I ain’t made college
They wonder why I’ve been wildin i speak 5 different languages who said I need a stylist
I be fly everywhere let’s not talk on what I wear
My kick games on Ross nigga shout out to my pairs (pears)
The game weak I tell you that these niggas jokin
And then Ye will have an album release with Seth Rogen
While we lose awards to the female Macaulay Culkin
And Big Sean’s droppin EPs the game is hopeless
That nigga bitter, I’ll give Arianna the Grande
While Nicki and Karrueche Minaj Rihanna I’m watching
Somebody’s blowin me up I check my call it’s Beyonce
And she say she wanna join cause she likes to party
So meet us O.T. cause you in love with the CoCo
Thugger tried to join like my love i said no no
I aint with the shits its only women that I bone its
Going up on a Tuesday my dick name Makkonen
I give Dej the Loaf and make her wonder why she tried me
Talk about that bread its home invasion like I’m YG
Why he wildin I tell them niggas its nothin
these rap niggas backwards Ear Drummers Rae Sremmurd
Oh lord Yall ain’t got no type, yall niggas wildin
One of ya’ll look like the furby the other look like the goblin
And Kendrick oh Kendrick he had me thinking he got us
But them Grammys won’t come with that I that shit is garbage
Lu had it but his lack of kick pushed him out the way
No malice but these clips will kick Pusha out the way
Game needs to be saved the game needs to be saved
Cause these labels will own your masters and then turn you to a slave
And with that said my prayers go out to Tunechi
Carter five ain’t droppin they treatin him like Juvie
When they let him go they left that nigga in the streets
Just like they’re doing our brothers I swear that history repeats
Trayvon gone…What they do to Zimmerman?
Let that nigga walk now he out here penning signatures
We forgot that until they shot Mike brown
Started wildin out in Ferguson they won’t pipe down
Till the nigga got acquitted then the country got wit it
Till it was time to eat turkey and celebrate a rape and pillage
While the rest of us try to be activists on Twitter
Joining rallies and snappin pictures just to say that we did it
For what? A few retweets maybe a couple favorites
Forgetting what they did after bringin us here in slave ships
Mules with forty acres all here for entertainment
After centuries of hate they still manage to black face us
But I guess it’s cool we too busy gettin weeded while
We dancing to bobby catchin a body bout a week ago
So it’s all good when we do it to ourselves
But when a white man murders one of our brothers then he need to go
And I ain’t justifying what them coppers is on
We going through it but most of us just be talking to talk
While it’s some of us that don’t even got that option at all
Just imagine what he would have to say if Eric Garner could talk
But the man couldn’t breathe, look what they did me
A black Immigrant Muslim everything they hate us to be
But when they do that shit to us we always scared to report it
Cause they’ll come up with some shit to get us deported
But me I’m sick of hidin and sick of feeling empty
I’ll keep speakin up until somebody comes to get me
And when they decide to do so I guess we know why
I’ll just rely on ya’ll and this just to keep me alive
I’m gone…

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