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Overtime Often – Delta 9 Video

From Church to the Private Strip Club. OverTime Often’s music walks a fine line between many worlds, he makes gritty east coast rap music but he’s far from a revisionist and he just as masterfully crafts songs that could be played in clubs of all sorts, or radio without sounding like he’s carpetbagging the popular sound coming from below the Mason Dixon line. “Delta 9” is an example of him moving in to a bouncier setting, over a beat you wouldn’t be shocked to hear someone like The Migos or Future on. It’s playful and minimal but at the same time soulful. With striking imagery shot by Boston CEO where people occasionally shine in bright color while the background remains black and white it makes it impossible to ignore O and his co-stars. We follow O.T.O from a church setting while he partakes in one of his favorite rituals with some friends and ends up at a private location where the entertainment is for O’s eyes only. As Stated earlier this song wouldn’t sound out of place on radio, but in the times of 360 deals O vehemently tells all record labels “I ain’t looking in to getting fucked”. So you’re clearly listening to an artist who knows exactly what he wants out of the game, but if you don’t accept his rules you don’t get to play.

Delta 9 – Shot & Edited by : @ceoproductions x @general_gomez #OvenDoor

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