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Support the homie Loman and his new venture Union Sound!

Some of you in the music community may know me as Loman, or Billy – to my close friends and family, I’m Erik. I want to share an exciting new endeavor with you, and invite you to be a part of it.

This all started with the fantasy of having a studio at Bow Market in Somerville. As the idea evolved & developed, it became clear this would be something much more.

Union Sound is a boutique music tech shop & production studio located in the heart of Union Square in Somerville.

Union Sound will carry electronic instruments & specialized gear that visitors can test on-site in a fully-functional studio environment. We’ll also carry consumer audio products for both casual listeners & avid fans.

Outside of shop hours (Noon to 7pm everyday), musicians & producers will be able to book the studio for their own sessions. We’ll also offer music production & beat-making services, audio restoration & cassette duplication, and be the site of events & community programs.

Learn more on Kickstarter >

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